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Topic outline

  • Course Highlight

    Enhance Your Strategic HR Skills with HR and People Analytics

    HR and People Analytics have emerged as essential tools for driving organizational success. This comprehensive executive course is designed to educate professionals and executives on the fundamentals of HR and People Analytics, providing them with the knowledge and skills to make data-driven decisions and effectively manage their human capital. Additionally, in this training, candidates will gain comprehensive hands-on experience with essential analytical tools such as Excel, SQL, and Power BI. These tools are widely used in HR and People Analytics to process, analyze, and visualize data effectively.

    Course Highlights:

    1. Understanding HR and People Analytics: Gain a deep understanding of HR and People Analytics, exploring its principles, methodologies, and tools used to extract meaningful insights from HR data.
    2. Use Cases in the HR Industry: Explore real-world applications of HR and People Analytics across various HR functions, including talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, workforce planning, and retention strategies. Discover how analytics can optimize decision-making, improve HR processes, and drive business outcomes.
    3. Leveraging Data for Strategic Decision-making: Learn how to leverage HR data to make strategic decisions that align with organizational objectives. Discover how analytics can identify trends, predict future outcomes, and enable evidence-based HR strategies.
    4. Implementing Analytics Projects: Acquire practical knowledge on implementing HR analytics projects, from data collection and cleaning to analysis and visualization. Understand the importance of data privacy, ethics, and compliance when working with sensitive employee information.
    5. Building Analytical Capabilities: Develop the skills necessary to build and lead an analytics-driven HR team. Explore techniques for sourcing, managing, and analyzing HR data, and learn how to effectively communicate insights to stakeholders.

    Who Should Get This Training:

    • HR professionals seeking to upgrade their skills in HR analytics and make informed decisions based on data.
    • Executives responsible for managing human capital and seeking to leverage analytics to optimize HR strategies and outcomes.
    • Business leaders and managers looking to understand the potential of HR and People Analytics in driving organizational success.
    • Data analysts and HR technology professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of HR analytics and its applications in the HR industry.

    • Week 1

      Topic 1: HR systems and analytics

      How HR data is collected and managed with numerical features and how to transform it for analysis.

      Topic 2: Application and Benefits of People Analytics

      Explaining how areas and different functions within the domain of HR may benefit through a data-driven approach. Benefits include:
      • Amplification of the Talent Acquisition Process
      • Identification of Improvement Areas (Gaps)
      • Obtaining meaningful insights on Attrition and Retention
      • Increased productivity through data-driven engagement measures
      • Enhancing Employee Experience
      • Identifying behavioral patterns (Useful to determine Hypos and IDPs)

      • Week 2

        Topic 3: Implementing People Analytics

        We will understand the purpose and intent of the HR data and then decide on the tools and uses of it further deployed interfaces.
        • The data sources.
        • A systematic method of collection.
        • Storage requirements of the data.
        • Machine requirements of the data.
        • Decide whether to keep the data onsite or in the cloud.
        • Processing is suitable for data manipulation and analysis.
        • Decide pricing of the Tools available.
        • Use SQL tools for data manipulation and updates and Business intelligence tools for visualization and decision-making.

        Topic 4: Roles & Responsibilities of HR

        The onboard Human Resource Specialists, Executives, and Generalists would need to fulfill the following:
        • Identifying and determining metrics, KPIs, and roles
        • Identifying and determining the features of the package (Analytics System)
        • Determining overall requirements
        • Checking industry and competitive trends
        • Customize and suggest according to your organization (preferably a tailored tool)
        • Evaluate the system or tool against its applicative efficacy
        • Liaise with Cross-functional Teams and Stakeholders

        • Week 3

          Topic 4: Transformation of HR

          Explaining the transformative process brought on by People Analytics, Identifying areas. This may include:
          • Reshaping Recruitment
          • Reshaping Performance Management
          • Reshaping Productivity and Growth
          • Reshaping Learning & Development
          • Reshaping HR Operations

          Topic 5: Ethics and Governance of Data in HR.

          We will decide what we can and cannot do with the data and how to ensure it's secured and error-free.                          
          • Types of data usable and extractions from sources?
          • What types of data we can use?
          • What is allowed and not allowed in terms of employment branding with the data?
          • How should cross-comparison be done with skill and department productivity?                               

          • Week 4

            Topic 6: Transformation Through People Analytics.

            Adjusting the business structures and mechanisms for improved hr practices and business management.
            • How Should data be kept safe?
            • How Data Privacy is important during Analytics projects.
            • Why is Data Privacy Important in HR?
            • What can we not analyze?
            • Employee data regulations Institutions.                    

            Topic 7: Capstone project on HR Database and Dashboard storytelling